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MTF Wulan

Wulan is a simple and spotless handwritten font. It is perfectly balanced, easy to read, and creates impeccable writing. Try it on wedding invitations, birthday cards, business cards, branding materials, advertisements, logos, and many others.

MTF Dear Santa

If you’re writing Santa a letter, use this adorable, handwritten childlike font duo (handwritten sans and dingbats)! Dear Santa Pro not only gives you inspiration on how to start the letter, but it also has neat and original characters. This typeface also comes with some cute and newly designed Christmas doodles to complement your writing. Have fun, and create something spectacular this Christmas!

MTF Cool Kid

If you haven’t got the chance to be the cool kid in school, at least you can have a cool font for your fantastic creations now! Cool Kid is the perfect handwritten font for pretty much any occasion. Get creative, and don’t forget to stay cool!

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MTF Cupcake

Cupcake is that type of font that looks great in just about any situation, except the “too-formal” ones. Let this fun handwritten font add friendliness and charm to your restaurant’s menu, kitchen, cookbook, or anything else that’s not food-related. To get the cupcake type or copy the character: |   – Updated 01/10/12

MTF XOXO Vo2 Outline

Xoxo Vo2 is a quirky display font that can add tons of character to your designs. With slightly uneven characters and a lovely modern vibe, this typeface will be perfect for your upcoming creations!


Xoxo Vo One is a gorgeous handwritten font that exudes authenticity. It is perfectly imperfect and can add a hand-made touch to your designs. Try it on anything, from wedding designs to storybooks and marketing materials.

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