How do I add a MTF Button to my blog?

Click here for tutorials for Blogger & WordPress!

How do I download MT fonts?

Click on any of the links in the “GET THE FONTS” or “SORT BY YEAR” menus on the right side menu of the front page, click on a font thumbnail. You’ll then see text links under the image to click. You can download the single font on that page or all fonts. MT fonts are in .zip files. You will need to extract them before you can install them.

How do I install MT fonts?

Depending on your operating system, there will be different ways… This page has instructions for Windows 7, Windows Vista & Windows XP and this page for Mac.

How can I use MT fonts?

Fonts can be used in many ways and many programs. Most popular programs are Adobe Photoshop, Paint, Word, etc. You can use them to design just about anything and you can even use them on your blogger blogs with these great tutorials by another font designer Amanda.

How To Use A Cute Font For Your Blogger Post Titles
How To Use a Custom Font for Your Entire Blogger Posts