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MTF Cupcake

Cupcake is that type of font that looks great in just about any situation, except the “too-formal” ones. Let this fun handwritten font add friendliness and charm to your restaurant’s menu, kitchen, cookbook, or anything else that’s not food-related. To get the cupcake type or copy the character: |   – Updated 01/10/12

MTF Under Your Skin

“Under Your Skin” is a swirly and exquisite script font made in a tattoo style. It is a great choice for dainty products, skincare, feminine designs, menus, or anything expensive. Despite its natural script style, this font looks professional.


Xoxo Vo One is a gorgeous handwritten font that exudes authenticity. It is perfectly imperfect and can add a hand-made touch to your designs. Try it on anything, from wedding designs to storybooks and marketing materials.

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