Baby on the brain!

I’ve totally got baby on my brain lately… the last couple weeks have been full of baby everything!

Let me tell you all about it…

I entered the Michael Miller Project Selvage contest at spoonflower. The theme is Baby Boy – super fun – and the grand prize is – AMAZING!!

Here is my entry:

There are SO SO SO many awesome entries… it’s going to be so hard for the MM and Spoonflower people to pick the 75 semi-finalists – but I’m still crossing my fingers I make it in there LOL! Hurry up March 31! (side note: I placed 9th for my entry in the Squid contest, thanks to all who voted for me!!)

Ok on to my BIG baby news…

I’m expecting baby #3 (6 weeks along today) and I couldn’t be more happy!

Yesterday I had my first ultrasound and O-M-G I cried and giggled and everything lol, just one baby this time & he/she is so cute! LOL Yah, I know you are probably laughing at me thinking my little rice sized baby is cute… well… laugh away LOL! It’s not everyday you get to see a baby inside your belleh (well unless you are that chick with 19 kids haha) so anyway yes, I was thrilled & even more so when I got to hear his/her heartbeat, LOVED it!!! I so can’t wait for my little girl/guy… it’s been a good while since there were any babies around the Miss Tiina household!!

(stay tuned for some fun contests about my lil bean!)

After all of that… I totally went on an extreme baby overload LOL… I designed 70+ new cards (including baby announcements, baby thank yous, everyday thank yous and some birthday invites too!) and added them to my snapfish site! This design is my fave so far, although I do feel the urge to design a new ‘expecting’ type vector collection, hehe!

So, since I’m preggers and wanted to enter the contest, I started a new collection called “Oh So Cute!” This is going to end up being a HUGE collection as I’m having SO much fun with them, so far there are 5 packs and they are up in my shop right now and 20% off each pack OR you can buy 2 get one free! (just add any 3 to your cart to get the discount). Check them out!

And don’t forget the Oh So Cute CU freebies!