Baby on the brain!

I’ve totally got baby on my brain lately… the last couple weeks have been full of baby everything! Let me tell you all about it…

I entered the Michael Miller Project Selvage contest at spoonflower. The theme is Baby Boy – super fun – and the grand prize is – AMAZING!! Here is my entry:


There are SO SO SO many awesome entries… it’s going to be so hard for the MM and Spoonflower people to pick the 75 semi-finalists – but I’m still crossing my fingers I make it in there LOL! Hurry up March 31! (side note: I placed 9th for my entry in the Squid contest, thanks to all who voted for me!!)

Ok on to my BIG baby news…

I’m expecting baby #3 (6 weeks along today) and I couldn’t be more happy!

Yesterday I had my first ultrasound and O-M-G I cried and giggled and everything lol, just one baby this time & he/she is so cute! LOL Yah, I know you are probably laughing at me thinking my little rice sized baby is cute… well… laugh away LOL! It’s not everyday you get to see a baby inside your belleh (well unless you are that chick with 19 kids haha) so anyway yes, I was thrilled & even more so when I got to hear his/her heartbeat, LOVED it!!! I so can’t wait for my little girl/guy… it’s been a good while since there were any babies around the Miss Tiina household!!

(stay tuned for some fun contests about my lil bean!)


After all of that… I totally went on an extreme baby overload LOL… I designed 70+ new cards (including baby announcements, baby thank yous, everyday thank yous and some birthday invites too!) and added them to my snapfish site! This design is my fave so far, although I do feel the urge to design a new ‘expecting’ type vector collection, hehe!

So, since I’m preggers and wanted to enter the contest, I started a new collection called “Oh So Cute!” This is going to end up being a HUGE collection as I’m having SO much fun with them, so far there are 5 packs and they are up in my shop right now and 20% off each pack OR you can buy 2 get one free! (just add any 3 to your cart to get the discount). Check them out!

Vector Oh So Cute - Flowers {CU}Vector Oh So Cute - Arctic {CU}
Vector Oh So Cute - Jungle {CU}Vector Oh So Cute - Forest {CU}
Vector Oh So Cute - Farm {CU}


  1. Amanda says

    CONGRATS!! :D Nothing but best wishes on your 3rd child! Thanks soooo very much for the too cute freebie!

  2. Candice S. in Colorado says

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How fun!!! I have had the whole “baby on the brain” thing going on. Perhaps it’s because my daughter just turned 13 and my son will turn 20 in a few months. Now of course, I am not going to run out and get pregnant or anything….but…. it would be nice to have a little one running around the house again. :) I am 37, so I better hurry up and remarry soon if I truly want to make my baby dreams come true! LOL! I am sure I am just dreaming…. it’s nice to have some of the freedoms that you don’t have when there is a baby/toddler, etc. running around, but wow… it would be kind of awesome.

    Thanks for making me want to have a baby! Geesh!

  3. says

    Congrats…I loved being prego! Thanks for the swamp friends…will be great for a Louisana layout! Those others are darling to may have to get them for our homeschooling animal matching card game i wanted to make!

  4. says

    Congrats! I’m with you on the little tiny bean looking cute, I stared at my first ultrasound for my second child (coming this June) for months! I’m going to have to pick up the set with the moose I think, not sure what I’ll do with it yet, but we have a soft spot for moose in this house. :D Thanks for the freebie!

  5. Elizabeth says

    Congratulations on bub no.3 ! Great news. and thanks so much much for the cute freebie.

    Best wishes for the pregnancy and a gorgeous healthy happy baby in 9 months.

  6. sussell says

    Congratulations on baby #3. Baby on the brain is a scary thing for me right now, I have twin boys 18 months old. I would love one more but to scared to even think about it right now. Wishing you a healthy and fun pregnancy. Thank you so much for all your freebies. These little guys will work great on my boys layouts.

  7. Becky says

    Congrats on your pregnancy! I’ve got 2 year old twins and can’t imagine having a 3rd around! Couple more years, right? Thanks for the adorable freebie. I love all the animals. I may have to go shopping!

  8. Terri G. says

    Congratulations! It is so exciting to see the little one for the first time on the ultrasound. Wishing you a very healthy & happy pregnancy & an even more healthy & happy baby! TY for the cute freebie too!

  9. says

    Congratulations! Your fabric design is cute, and so is the freebie! thank you! Just looked through all the cards, too. I love your simple clip-art style.

  10. Angel says

    Congratulations! That is so exciting…. I have been loving your fabric designs and trying to keep up with the voting on them. I wanted to enter the Micheal on but don’t feel I am as talented (yet) a you are. Good luck with the contest and the baby! Thanks for the freebie!

  11. Carissa says

    Congratulations! And I think “Oh So Cute” is the PERFECT name for these! ADORABLE! Thanks for the freebie!

  12. Lisete says

    Wow Tina, congrats for your baby hun!
    This collection is totally cute!
    Thank you for the lovely freebie!

  13. Laura says

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again — congrats! :) SOOO happy for ya! meanwhile, the “oh so cute” stuff is awesome. yay! thx for the swamp freebie… my oldest is super into reptiles lately (I’m praying you have a girl this time, for just this very reason! LOL)… and anyway, he will LOVE this when I show it to him. :)

  14. danesa says

    Congratulations! How exciting. I got a chuckle with your card “expansion”. How cute. Thank you you for the cute reptiles. May you be blessed with a wonderful pregnancy.

  15. says

    Congratulations on the new addition, I wish you a happy and healthy pregnancy!!!! I hope you win the Project Selvage, Michael Miller is my favorite fabric designer!!! Thank you so much for the darling freebie!!

  16. Jody says

    CONGRATS on the new baby!! Totally understand the ultrasound reaction, I went with my granddaughter to one of her ultrasounds, she’s expecting a boy the end of June, I giggled & cried & I’m just the great-grammy. Ultrasounds are such special moments!! So I’m loving all the new baby stuff, keep it coming, we can sure put it to good use!! Thank you so much for the adorable freebie!!! And best wishes for a safe & happy pregnancy & little one!!!

  17. Angela says

    Congratulations Tina on your pregancy!
    I hope it will be a safe and happy prenancy!

    Thank you for the amazing cute freebie!

  18. Jamie says

    Congratulations!!! How exciting!!! Sending Best Wishes to you, baby and your family! Thank you for the cute freebie!!! You are so sweet and good to us!!!

  19. Heather Tew says

    congrats!!! Thanks for the freebie. Baby on the brain here too. Baby #3 is due any day now. Good Luck!!!

  20. says

    Thanks so much everyone!! I’m giggling at so many of your comments and want to reply to all of you but my kiddos are off school and I have to run and grab them! So making this quick… Candice, you funny girl! Sorry I made you want a baby! LOL!

    Sussell & Becky, it’s been almost 7 years since my twins were born and for about 5 now I have been wanting just ONE more baby! Have to try for a girl LOL

    Angel, you should have entered!!! I don’t think I will win but it’s worth a try! Nothing to lose right? :)

    Congrats on your great grandson on the way Jody & your #3 Heather!

    Jen, totally the first page

  21. Kirsty says

    Aww thankyou so much Miss Tiina and CONGRATS!!
    Im soooooooooo jelous I would love another one

  22. Dalis says

    OMG… where are my manners I was so excited about the baby announcement that I forgot to say thanks for the amazing freebie!
    — dalis

  23. says

    Oh, congratulations, what a blessing! I hope you have a very happy and easy pregnancy! And thank you for the adorable freebie, too!

  24. Andrea (aka LaughingSun) says

    congrats girl, that’s SO exciting!

    and thanks SO much for the freebie… very very cute!

  25. says

    congratulations!!!!!!!!! i LOVE babies and respond just like you do about my itty bitty babies and heartbeats at doc appts! babies are the best! i am soooo happy for you! and thank you for the ADORACKE swamp cuties!

  26. Alisha says

    Congrats! This awesome experience couldn’t have happened to a sweeter person! Also, thanks for the adorable freebie!

  27. Jessica says

    Congrats to your family! =D

    And thank you for the gorgeous little fellas. I love them! I hope you make it into the next stage for your designs. They are GORGEOUS!!!!

  28. Bobbie (aka claysmom) says

    Congratulations that is wonderful!! Wish you the best on your pregnancy. Thanks so much for the freebie too

  29. says

    Oh Tina!!! How SUPER exciting for y’all! Congratulations, lations, lations and I never tire of seeing babies in utero no matter how teeny, tiny they are. Each and every new life is so precious and truly a miracle!

    I know I will go hog … uhm, make that “baby” wild over your new collection that IS *Oh So Cute*! ;)

    Thank you for the gift and enjoy every single moment of your pregnancy! :D

    Love and hugs …

  30. kym says

    Congratulations!!! How exciting no matter what number. Your new collection is super cute! Thanks for sharing.

  31. kym says

    I forgot to add one more thing, I would love to see an ocean animal set, especially one with a dolphin. I’m looking for the perfect element for a dolphin page.

  32. Sara says

    Congratulations!!! What wonderful news for all of you!

    Fingers crossed for your competition entry – your designs are just gorgeous.

    …and finally, thank you for the sweet freebie <3

  33. Rhonda says

    Congratulations! What exciting news for you and your family… wishing you all the best.
    Thank you for the templates. Adorable! :)

  34. michelllle says

    a few things:

    1) w o w i e (^3)! congrats on the little one :) hope you are feeling well!

    2) best of luck in the latest contest – your graphics are seriously oh-so oh-so ohhh-sooo cute.

    3) you’re my favorite designer of all time. your fonts, your vectors, your scrap kits – your everything!

    4) thank you for all the awesome freebies and thank you for inspiring me :)

    4) wishing you all things happy – now and always.

    a little fan in texas

  35. just sarah says

    Congratulations!!! How exciting for you and the family! I hope you get lucky with a girl this time! Love the new collection. they are all SO CUTE. Thanks for the lil freebie! Love it.

  36. Tamara says

    ok, the freebie is fab and Congrats! I have 10 year old twin daughters and after them had a single son (now 5). And having twins is nice, but you don’t even get to enjoy them. You are just so busy meeting needs and figuring out where to put them both.

  37. shuckclod says

    Thank you.. They are all sooooo cute. Congrats on your grain of rice. Maybe it will be a pink one this time….

  38. Kristi says

    oh YAY!!! Congratulations Tina and family on the pregnancy!!!
    Love the new vectors they are all SO CUTE!!!
    Thanks for the freebie!

  39. mel says

    cooooongrats!!! i am so happy for you! big baby love :) thank you very much for the sweet freebie. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  40. says

    Wooohooo! Congrats to you and the family with the new addition, I wish it was me again.

    Thank you for that wonderful freebie, it is super cute!

  41. lvdesigner says

    I just read your wonderful news. Congrats!!! As someone whose been trying to get preggers for a while it’s always great to hear of someone else hitting the mark haha. Puts a little bit of hope back in my heart. Here’s to you having a happy & healthy pregnancy. I’ll keep you & your family in my prayers :).

    Thanks for the oh so cute – swamp animals :D. Absolutely adorable!

  42. Lala says

    Congrats on the pregnancy! I totally understand the baby on the brain thing! I’m 28 weeks with baby #4 and totally obsessing! Love the new collection & thanks for the freebie!

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