1. Donna C says

    Thank you ~ I’m using the calendar you made for this year, and I love it!

    Can we pin this to Pinterest? Is there a way to tell our friends on Facebook?

  2. Charissa says

    I absolutely LOVE your calendars!! I have your bright cheery 2013 calendar on my fridge for meal planning, and I needed to print another one for homeschool. When I started looking for it, I found this one, too! I’m thrilled!! Thanks so much for sharing your talents!! :-)

  3. leilani says

    I love Love Love your calendar, but would love to put my own info in it. Sorry i’m slow but how do I do that? are you allowing that? thanks for your help

    • says

      Hey, depending on which programs you have… any editing one should work. Feel free to shoot me an email to discuss this more! oi at misstiina dot com

  4. Sol S. says

    Hi Tiina, I just found this calendar through a Pinterest search and I’m in love with it. I will be using it next year for sure. I was just wondering what Font you used?
    Thanks for sharing your hard work!!

  5. Melissa says

    This calendar is beautiful and I would like to use it for my preschool class schedule. Is there a way for me to type what I need inside the date boxes and then print it for each of my 8 students?

  6. Brittany says

    I love this design, but I am having trouble. I cannot get the PDF to load or download. It says it is having trouble loading the PDF. Am I the only person experiencing this?

  7. Emily says

    I just wanted to say that these are the most beautiful printables I have come across in a long time and I’m printable obsessed. They are neat, clean, and you were considerate enough to include a way to edit. Wonderful job! Thanks!

  8. says

    Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us! I first found your printable calendar last year for the 2013 calendar year. and i love it! they’re simple, classy, and beautiful. Thank you so much!

  9. says

    Thank you so much for these calendars! I used them all of 2013 and so excited to have them again for this year. They work perfect for my family – we put them on the front of the refrigerator and use it every day.

  10. says

    I definetly love this, thank you SO much!! :)
    Too bad Sunday is at the beginning of the week… I’m used to having Monday as first day! :(
    There’s no way I can switch it from the PDF, right??

    Great work!! :)

  11. Alli says

    I am in LOVE with this calendar but….. I have so much going on I feel the squares are too small for all the goings on in my life with my kids and other things that keep me busy. I wish this was in Landscape with notes on the side and the mini months. You do great work though! Any chance there could be a landscape in the near future?

  12. Laura says

    These calendars look fantastic! Do you have a 2015 calendar out already? I’m a teacher and I need a school year calendar. I don’t mind editing the 2014 calendar myself if you’d rather send me the original. Thanks for creating this beautiful work!


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