TAKE THE CAKE & 50% OFF New Goodies too!!

I’ll be 32 this Friday so it’s time to celebrate with my annual TAKE THE CAKE EVENT! Over 550 products totaling to over $2500 for one super price! Visit my shop for full details on how you can buy my store!

And almost everything – including these new releases – are 50% off through all of May!

Stay tuned to my blog for some great freebies and more coming this weekend as I celebrate iNSD too!


  1. Dana says

    I am trying to decide to go with the cake…or the cupcake. I took the cake last year and have bought some stuff in between so I have everything from page 4 and on…hmmm… decisions, descisions….

  2. alisha says

    okay cupcake, here i come!!! i’m with the previous poster, i took the cake a year or so ago and have gotten lots of stuff since then, so the cupcake is perfect for me…thanks so much for offering such a great deal!

  3. says

    I am totally loving my “Take The Cake” purchase! Definitely worth every single penny and more. Can’t wait to see what goodies she has up her sleeves for the coming month :) Thank you so much! And Happy Birthday!!

  4. Karem says

    I decided on “Take the Cake” :) I absolutely love Miss Tiina’s stuff and I want everything! How does it take to receive the code?

  5. says

    Yay! A little NSD splurge for me and I took the Cupcake! I can’t wait to get some Rainbow Love and browse through all your other kits. I have almost all of the Live Free: Love Life items! Thanks for this!

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